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6 Romantic Bedroom Design Ideas

‘Love is in the air’ this week and despite the chilly weather, things may be heating up in the bedroom...oo er! But gone are the days of scattered rose petals on the bed and giant teddies adorning heart-shaped gifts. I think we’re ready for a more sophisticated way of combining romance and design. Here are 6 romantic bedroom design ideas to get your heart beating…

French Style Furniture

Nothing screams passion and romance like a French style ‘boudoir’. With its curvaceous lines and elegant finish, the French style is as romantic as they come! Get the look by swapping out your modern furniture for a more whimsical style; think elegant legs, antique handles and a whitewashed finish. Très romantique!


Lighting is essential when creating a romantic ambience. If you’re not lucky enough to have your existing lighting on dimmer switches, then you can try adding alternative lamps such as bedside lamps or a floor lamp to achieve the required effect. If you’re still not happy, try switching out the bulbs for something more dim and moody.

Luxurious Textiles

Romance is all about passion and charm. And what better way to create the scene than with lavish fabrics and textiles? I’m thinking soft curtains adorning the windows, textured throws strewn across the bed and velvet cushions prettying up the pillows. Don’t be shy with prints either. Experiment with patterns, colours and textures to create that layered, luxurious look.


We often forget the importance of smell when designing our spaces. But, particularly in the bedroom, it is not a sense to be overlooked. Try using a linen spray on your sheets in a calming fragrance such as rose or sandalwood to help aid sleep and create a relaxed and 'scent-sual' (sorry) atmosphere. Alternatively, you could use reed diffusers and even incense to make sure your aroma game is on point.


Whilst it may be sentimental to have a portrait of your Great Aunt Ethel adorning the walls, it doesn’t scream ‘romance’. Try taking Ethel out of the equation (and preferably out onto the landing) and add some softer, inspiring artwork. Think whimsical prints, tranquil seascapes, or a holiday snap that reminds you of a relaxed and happy moment. You could even add some line art prints for a modern twist.


Flowers are the ultimate symbol of love, so perhaps it’s time to bring up a vase and add a pop of floral prettiness to your bedside? Opt for something soft and flirty like a vase of lilies or a stem of eucalyptus. Or simply spell it out with a dozen red roses.

So there you have it. 6 ways to update your bedroom and add a touch of sophisticated romance to your space. And not a heart shaped box of chocolates or a ‘Me To You’ bear in sight! Who said romance is dead?

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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