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Choosing The Perfect Colours For Your Home

The colours that surround us can have an effect on our mood, attitudes and general wellbeing. Therefore, it's super important that we think carefully about the colours we choose within our home. After all, we spend a lot of time there, and if we can create a more ambient space by being a bit mindful about the colours we surround ourselves with, then we're onto a winner.

Read below for a round up of 6 top interior colours and the effect they have on you and your home.

YELLOW - Yellow is one of the strongest colours on our palette. It is associated with happiness, joyfulness and positivity. It stimulates the mind and can boost energy levels, making it the perfect colour for an office space or exercise area. However, be careful not to use too much yellow in a room that is already well lit with natural light. It can become a little overpowering.

Top tip: Add a splash of yellow in your office space to enhance creativity and confidence. A vase of daffodils perhaps?

BLUE- Blue has been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure. How cool is that? It is a relaxing colour, encouraging reflection and promoting logical thought. It is also thought to encourage communication and trust, making it the perfect colour for a relaxing bedroom space or a peaceful, sociable living space.

RED - Red is an attention-grabbing colour, making it ideal for an entrance area, to attract the attention of your guests. It boosts energy and is associated with power, strength and vitality. Therefore, as with yellow, be careful not to overpower a room with red. It is a strong colour and when used too much, it can become overbearing.

Top tip: Red is known to boost energy and encourage over indulgence. Therefore, be careful when choosing red for a dining can inspire overeating and may encourage you or your guests to have one too many!

GREEN - Like blue, green is a harmonious colour. It has associations with nature, relaxation and calmness. Again, it is a perfect colour for bedrooms as it creates a tranquil atmosphere. It's also worth thinking about adding green into your office area if you are someone who suffers from stress. It can help you to relax and has a calming effect.

Top tip: Add plants to your room for a quick, easy splash of green which will create an instant sense of serenity.

ORANGE - Orange is an energetic colour making it the perfect choice for an entryway to greet your guests with positivity the second they walk through your front door. It also has associations with health and adventure, and so would be a great choice for a kitchen/bar area.

Top tip: Think about adding less vibrant shades of orange such as peach, coral or terracotta to get all the benefits of orange, without the drama.

PINK - My favourite! Pink can often be thought of as quite a juvenile colour, so remember to keep it sophisticated by mixing it with neutral shades and keeping it chic with modern accessories. Culturally, it is a colour associated with femininity, so add masculine tones such as black and blue, to balance it out. If bubblegum pink is not for you, try working with blush or dusky tones.

Top tip: Pink is a colour that ignites passion, so think about working it into your bedroom scheme somehow. (Ooo-er. You heard it here first!)

So, there you have it. Next time you're planning a room design, you should be a little more 'clued up' as to which colours will enhance your habitat and consequently, promote positive well-being. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to make drastic changes like slapping paint onto the walls. If you're living in rented accommodation, or you don't fancy an extreme makeover, you may think about adding colour through the use of prints, plants and accessories. Give it a try! I'm sure you'll pass with flying colours...


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