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Let's talk moodboards!

Moodboards (or design boards) are my favourite part of the interior design process. It’s a chance to get creative and to put all of the ideas which are flying around in my brain down onto paper. It’s also so much fun presenting the boards to clients, so that they can see the possibilities within their home.

There are two different types of moodboard; a handmade scrapbook style board, and an online moodboard. The first is good for clients who are hoping for a luxurious look, full of materials, texture and dramatic features. It will benefit the client to see the layered approach, and they can enjoy feeling the materials right there in an amalgamation of texture (ooo er!)

(Pictured is an example of a 'scrapbook style' design board I created for a client's kitchen, living and dining area. Swipe along for more photos...)

However, if the room is requiring a more modern, scandi or minimalist look, then an online moodboard (using a programme such as Canva) is the way forward. A computerised approach also means that I can source the exact accessories or furniture that we can go on to use, giving us an accurate reflection of the overall effect. This is also a more budget friendly version for a client who wants a quick fix or a bit of guidance!

Lots of you have been following my home renovation process on Instagram (The Style Pad) and are starting to finally see our first room come together…the master bedroom! The boring stuff, like electrics and structural stuff (blah blah blah), is all done, and we are now onto the fun bits like colour, design and accessories…hoorah! So I thought, what better time to share my moodboard with you and explain a few of my ideas? That way, you can see my vision, follow along and watch the transformation unfold!

So, here it is...

Colours: I want the predominant colour to be white, but I have had my heart set on this muddy-blushy-mauvey colour for YEARS. I’ve managed to find a more affordable version called ‘Fairy’s Tutu’ (Peter says all his dreams have come true!) from Valspar and it is perfect, so we always wanted this to feature somewhere in the design. Accents of maroon will bring the whole colour palette together and prevent the pink scheme from feeling too ‘young’.

Fitted wardrobes: We are crying out for more storage! I still have a few boxes at Mum and Dad’s because we have never had the space (sorry Mum!) With this being the master bedroom, we wanted to create the ‘Wow factor’ and decided that fitted wardrobes in the alcoves either side of the chimney breast will be practical, beautiful and sympathetic to the original Victorian character.

Bed: We are lucky enough to have the Coco bed from Loaf which my parents bought for us as a ‘New Home’ present when we moved into our Bedford flat a few years ago (I worked part-time in the Loaf head office at the time too, so we got a nice discount!) The bed has a French boudoir style, a fabric headboard and a weathered oak frame, so I was careful to create a design that would work with this as our centre piece. To really highlight it, and create texture and glamour, I am hoping to DIY a bed canopy…watch this space!

Art: I plan to FINALLY display my beautiful Protea prints from ‘Love Your Space’ which have been eagerly waiting in storage for their big moment. The colour palette is perfect and they add to the feminine, tranquil vibe. I will also be sourcing a large rug that's within my budget AND fits the scheme...I love a challenge!

Accessories: I will be bringing in some wooden and rattan textures to the space including a rattan chair (I may have spotted one collecting dust in my Father-in-law-to-be’s loft…shhh!), an Ali Baba style laundry basket (a treat to me!), and some wooden storage hooks. I will be adding gold accents and antique style accessories to fit in with the character of the house,and bring a sense of luxury to the room. I will also be treating myself to some new plants as they are so uplifting and create a sense of tranquillity which is perfect for a calming bedroom space.

So, there you have it! I hope that has given you a few hints and tips for your bedroom. Come on over to The Style Pad to catch all the action of the master bedroom renovation! And feel free to contact me if you'd like some help designing your home or for me to create you your very own personalised moodboard.

Stay creative!


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