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10 Ways To Create a Comfortable Guest Room

I've spent a few years of my career as an actress working away on tour, and as such I've stayed in many a spare room. Trust me, some are more inviting than others. I'm not just talking the obvious; clean sheets and a tidy bathroom. I'm thinking about finishing touches. Things to really make your guest feel special and make your home stand out from the rest.

Read on for 10 things you can do to help your family and friends feel right at home in your guest room...

1. A bedside light

Now, it doesn't need to be fancy, but something your guests can access from their bed will save the quick 'switch-off-the-light-and-fly-into-bed' situation, which inevitably ends in a stubbed toe and a bruised ego.

2. Blankets/sleeping options

This is a biggie. You don't sleep in your spare room (unless you're in the 'dog house' perhaps), so it's hard to judge the night-time temperature in there. And the last thing you want is for your guests to feel too hot or too cold! Lay a pretty blanket at the end of the bed. Not only does it look nice and inviting, it gives them the option to snuggle up on a cold night. Similarly, an extra sheet under the duvet means that your guests can toss the duvet off should they get too hot. It's all about OPTIONS.

3. Tray of toiletries/miniatures

I love this one. Nothing says "welcome" like a miniature toothpaste. Save your guests the aggro of asking to borrow whatever they may have forgotten by treating them to a little display of mini toiletries. It's cute, cheap and goes a long way.

4. Room diffuser

A room that smells fresh and clean will create a relaxing atmosphere that is SPOT ON for a guest room. It may also help your guests to sleep well. Result!

5. Roll your towels

It's a simple, free thing that we can all do, but it gives your room that instant 'spa-like' feel and we all like to feel pampered once in a while.

6. Colours

Choose your colours carefully for your guest room. Think: calming blues and tranquil greens. It should be a place for relaxing, so I would avoid energizing/stimulating colours such as red and orange. (Colour psychology blog post coming soon - Make sure you've subscribed! #plug)

7. Good curtains

I don't think blackout blinds are essential, but my years of touring (working evenings and needing to sleep late in the morning) have made me a big fan of a thick curtain. There's nothing worse than the sun streaming in and blinding you at 6am when you've had a big night. Plus, you can open them and have your "Ta-da!" moment in the morning when you greet your guests with their morning tea. 'Hostess' and 'mostess' spring to mind.

8. Wi-Fi code

I know, I know. "I've come away to relax, not to check my emails every 5 minutes!" But if, IF you do need to check how many likes your latest Instagram post has received, then how nice would it be if the Wi-Fi code was right there in front of you? Just saying.

9. A plug socket by the bed

As above. Not necessary, but nice to be able to charge your phone from your bed. Not that I ever check my phone from my bed...honestly.,.

10. A vase of flowers

I lied before. NOTHING says "welcome" like fresh flowers in your guest room. FACT. They look great, they smell great and they help create a serene atmosphere. (Pick them from your garden for extra perfect housewife points.)

So, there you have it. 10 Top Tips to help your guests feel right at home. Just don't make it too nice. They may never want to leave...


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