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How to add a touch of femininity to your home (without using pink!)

People often ask me to describe my interior style and "feminine" is a word that keeps popping up. Thankfully, I have a laid-back husband who is happy to let me design the whole house and very rarely has any complaints (unless I stubbornly choose something completely impractical such as our bedroom carpet which we may have to re-think! It turns out, cream carpets don’t mix well with coffee or border collies. He DID try telling me...)

But if you're not as fortunate to have free reign over the design choices, then there are more subtle ways of adding a touch of femininity to your space, rather than plastering the room in pink. Let me let you in on a few secrets…

White is the new pink

So pink is a little too ‘girlie’ for some. But what about compromising with whites and creams? These more neutral options are still soft and whimsical, but denote a more sophisticated palette. Also, think about adding pastel colours into your space, either through the use of paint, accessories or fabrics, to further cement that feminine look.

Gold accents

Historically, gold is considered to be a more feminine metal than silver or copper. So, switching out your chrome hardware and replacing it with some pretty gold or brass accents is a quick way to add a touch of elegance to your space.

Light wood

When choosing furniture and accessories, try to stick to lighter wood tones in favour of richer, darker shades. If you have a piece of furniture which works for you, but doesn’t necessarily fit your theme, you could try sanding it down to release some of the lighter wood grain, or even whip out a white 'paint and water' mix to achieve a ‘whitewashed’ look.


I’m a sucker for adding texture to my room designs! Texture adds an extra dimension to any space and is the perfect way to achieve a soft and inviting atmosphere. Think plump, patterned cushions, luxurious throws, tassels, pom poms, soft curtains and macrame. Be bold and use contrasting patterns such as spots, stripes and florals to inject even more personality. (Oh, and don’t forget to stick to your new neutral/pastel colour schemes for maximum impact!)

Have clothing/accessories on display

Why not hang your favourite dress on the outside of your wardrobe or hang your sunhat on the wall where everyone can see it? Using your clothing as decor is not a new thing, but it’s a simple way to express your femininity (and costs absolutely nothing!) It’s also a fun way to add a pop of colour and pattern to your space.


Finally, I can’t give advice on room design without mentioning plants and flowers! Add a cheerful plant or a little bunch of your favourite blooms to a vase to gain instant ‘prettiness points’ (yes, they’re a thing!) Stick to whimsical shades such as whites, yellows, lilacs and peaches to really boost the feminine vibe.

But, NO PINK. Seriously.

Well...maybe just a little bit...

Cover Image: Pinterest (Designer unknown)


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