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Stylish Storage Solutions on a Shoestring Budget

Storage, storage, storage. We all have it, yet we all need more of it. There are always random piles of 'stuff' lying around the house that just don't seem to have a home. Games, electrical items, bedding. The list is endless in my house!

So, we need more storage. But how do we make it look purposeful and stylish, whilst hiding away all of our toot? Let me let you in on a few little storage secrets...

Storage bench

An attractive storage bench is a cracking way to hide away your bits and bobs, whilst doubling up as a practical, purposeful item of furniture. They're big enough to store lots of bulky bits (such as bedding), yet they are also an inviting place to rest your weary legs after a hard day's work. They look great at the end of your bed, in your living room or in the kids playroom.

Try a storage bench in your entrance hall/mudroom. You can sit and pull off those stubborn wellies, and then hide them away afterwards...two birds, one storage bench.

Top tip: Add beautiful cushions to your storage bench to complete the look.

Behind the door

Clever storage solutions hanging on the back of your interior doors are great ways to add storage if you're struggling with a lack of space. They make great use of an otherwise useless area and turn it into storage heaven. Think cute notebooks in an office, kids bath toys in the bathroom and cooking utensils in the kitchen.

Chest of drawers

Ok, so we all have a chest of drawers in our bedroom, but what about one in the bathroom? Or the kitchen? A nice chest of drawers looks attractive in any space and is perfect for storing away those items you don't know what to do with. I have a chest of drawers in my living room that has a drawer for electrical things, a drawer for art things, a drawer for pet things and a drawer for DIY...things. It makes my mind feel happier! You can come across some lovely pieces for next-to-nothing at auction houses or online second hand stores, and maybe even Freecycle if you're lucky. And there's even the option to upcycle them to fit your room design. What's not to love?


I LOVE A GOOD BASKET. They are a great way to bring texture and raw materials to your design, as well as providing great storage. And you can pick them up so cheaply at antique/second hand shops nowadays. Cheap storage is great storage.

Try adding baskets in the wasted space on top of your wardrobes, add them to shelves and place underneath console tables to add texture and style, whilst storing away those annoying eye sores.

Top tip: Introducing raw materials such as rattan to your space is a great of breaking up a colour scheme that is falling a little flat. I repeat; I LOVE A GOOD BASKET.

So there you have it. 4 storage ideas that may get you thinking about your storage in a new way. After all, a tidy house is a tidy mind.

Good luck!


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